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I decided to add this page to give credit to all the awesome libs and resources which made this project possible.


The project is running on a single digital ocean cloud server located in New York.





To keep my repository small and clean, there are no compiled or raw media files stored in it. All dependencies are managed by bower. Every deploy a script checks if it needs to update the resources and builds all necessary files.


External Services

  • GitHub awesome git hosting service
  • Google Analytics helps me to get some insights whether the site is used or not


Everything (provisioning the server, updating and configuring services, migrating the database, etc.) is done by 225 self-written Ansible tasks. Chef, Puppet are really cool pieces of software but far to heavy this little project. Ansible is written in Python and fits smoothly into my project. If you are looking for a new IT automation tool give it a shot.



PyCharm - way to go - nothing more!