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Using Font Awesome Version: 4.4.0
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Hey, I'm the Font Awesome to PNG (fa2png) online generator. I'm a small web app returning Font Awesome icons as png. You can define the color and size of the Font Awesome icons and download them directly from my SSD.


Why am I useful you might ask? While I find your question a bit offending, let me explain anyways. Icon fonts are an awesome thing for obvious reasons. Amongst other things are they scalable and tweakable via css. But sometimes you need an icon in pixel form. Let's say you need this little play button image urgently for a presentation later this evening. In green and in 36 x 36px. You need it fast! It's a keynote at this awesome conference. You need it fast, right? You don't have Photoshop or Gimp ready? Sh#*!

Don't worry, I got your back. Despite your offending question earlier! ;)

Just pick an icon over at Font Awesome, remember the icon's name. Tell me the size and the color you need, click "Generate Icon" and download the file to your disk.

Blog posts about me: Post on Jannik's blog, Post on Stephan's blog



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